Saturday, April 30, 2011

engagement cupcakes

Goooood morning!!!!
Yeah,yesterday was extremely awesome as the whole world
Im sooo in love with the whole event,from the moment they arrived at the church till the balcony scene!seriously its AH-MAH-ZIIING :D
Ok im gonna stop on the royal wedding thing cz if not im gonna
be saying every inch bit of it in this post.
haha ;)
oh yes for this order,its such an honour for me to be doing this as i
dont really get much orders for wedding/engagements ceremony.
maybe the time hasnt come yet,i think!
so this guy named LUQMAN called me up asking bout engagement
cupckes that he wanted to order for his cousin.I was extremely happy
discussing the ideas & making the thing a reality :D
they wanted a similar looking design which i had done previously.
but back then i just did 3 cupckes as im giving it to Yanny as samples :)
but for this order ,they wanted 15 choc cupcakes with the floral decorations.
seriously,im loving the final result!!!
yesterday while i was doing the cupcakes & decorating
each cups,i didnt realize that it'll turn out like this.its like supeeeeer
nicee!personally i fell in love with the pics of the cupcakes,silly me.hihi :D
I do hope the engagement ceremony will turn out great &
to Luqman,supeer thanks for the order.& again truely sorry for
the lil inconvenience tht happend while i delivered the cuppies.
I hope its ok with u & thanks a lot :)


Anonymous said...

Super LIKE this. THUMBS UP. (:

Shakira Sahil said...

thnks bbe!