Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cup Cakes.

hello to everyone :)
Below are pics of butter cupcakes with simple designs 
which is ordered by a friend of my mum.
Really hope that my mum's friend will love it & thnks for ordering :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cup Cakes.

hey u guys :)
I made these cupcakes & a choc moist cake to bring to upm's kolej 16 raya celebration.
Really hope that everyone will like the cupcakes & cake.
& oh,just to let u know.On all of the cupcakes are
EDIBLE IMAGES(RAYA THEME) which i bought specially for raya purpose :D
Btw,I do take EDIBLE IMAGES order.If there's any do let me know ok :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

100 cupcakes.

A very good friend of mine ordered 100 cupcakes for her sis wedding.
Im just so excited upon the order as its for a wedding,
seldom i get orders for wedding event,usually its birthdays orders :)
I hope everything looks ok & taste fine,
I made 10 different designs for all 100 of the cuppies.
& thanks a lot farhah for ordering,
next time order for your wedding laa pulak :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

choc almond cookies.

Hey everyone,& again selamat hari raya to all.
gosh it has been a great raya for me,the foods are all
amazing & simply delicious :D
I just got back from johor last night & will be home 
untill this sunday,then im off to upm back.
Its going to be quite a packed week for me because 
I have few orders to be done & Im having a raya open house this friday.
Feel free to drop by my house everyone :)
All these means more baking & cooking for me,haha ;D
& below are images of choc almond cookies 
with "happy birthday' writing ordered by a customer in shah alam.
Will be sending them to her tomorrow morning & hopes she'll love them :)
& thanks so much for ordering dear.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cup Cakes.

Made these cupcakes to bring back to kampung for Hari Raya,
this year im going back to Batu Gajah,perak first then to Johor Bharu for Hari Raya :)
to all muslims & everyone tht knows me.
Hope you'll have a great Hari Raya this year :)



choc almond cookies.

Greetings everyone :)
I just finished making these cookies to bring back to
my kampung in BATU GAJAH,PERAK.
They're actually for my lil cousin who's celebrating
his birthday on the first day of raya :)
I do hope he'll love them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

choc cupcakes.

Hello everyone :)
how's everyone doing?
im sure all the muslims is currently superb busy 
doing their raya preparations as raya is coming soon.
Im having a 2 weeks break till the 19th of september 2010.
Alhamdulillah,lately many orders came in 
& im just so excited to bake for them :)
Oh yes,today.i made 12 choc cupcakes which was ordered by a friend of a friend of mine.
Hopefully she'll like them & im so 
terribly sorry for my not so nice looking drawing.
Im still learning & insyaallah i'll be better next time :)