Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free give away from me :)

Greetings everyone :)
Today I'll be joining this bazaar called,"I LOVE BAZAAR" held
in subang parade from 11am till 9pm.
Its just a fun thing me & my bestie,fyka wanted to join,
we're not aiming for any profits its all done just for fun ;D
We wanted to try out new things,eg like joining this
kind of bazaar,hopefully everything will turn out great :)
To everybody out there,feel free to drop by
SUBANG PARADE,11AM-9PM our booth is num 40,
its located nearby the fitness first area.
Im giving away all these homemade chocs + choc almond cookies + lollichoc marshmellows 
which I just made last night :D
So come & drop by ok!
See u there ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

black + purple.

Hello to all my lovely blog readers,currently im in my 7th week in upm
& it has beeen super2 hectic + busy for me these past few weeks.sometimes
juggling all the works,classes & etc can be quite hard but
Im taking it as something new to be learn in life :)
Last week,my bestie from ukm,Ella ordered 15 of choc cuppies
covered with buttercream oreo icing for her beloved bf's birthday.
I did my very best in decorating & again Ella I wanna say im truely sorry
that we cant go with our original      
plan,it was quite frustrating but thank god Ella was very2 nice to me
& she's ok with it.thanks again babe :)
The second cuppies were ordered by a friend of dear kak Ayu.
She wanted 15 of choc cuppies in black + purple colour design :D
I had a blast decorating the cupcakes,idk why but I just love it :)
To both ELLA & kak Ayu thanks alot ok ;D

Friday, February 18, 2011

choc & cookies.

These were ordered by alia from subang,she ordered
40 choc almond cookies with 20 lollichocs for her convocation ;D
It has been a while since I last bake the cookies & its a first
time for the lollichocs,before this I usually get cupcakes orders but its fun
to be able to bake many sorts of things,I just love baking ;D
To alia,congrats on ur convo & thanks a lot for the order.
I hope  u'll enjoy them with ur frenz :)


Good afternoon to everyone :)
Last few days akak ayu ordered another batch of cuppies,
this time she wanted the mini cuppies for a reunion.
She asked for a nature,tree-ish themed.its actually similar to one
of the wondermilks cupcakes design.its a mix of choc & butter cakes.
I hope she & her friends love the
cuppies & Im soooo grateful to her as she helps me alot in upm :D
To kak ayu,thanks a lot akak :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cup Cakes.

Here are 2 sets of chocolate cuppies ordered by my two
seniors whom I know when I took my archery lessons last sem,they're very2 nice + cool ;D
The first imge is kak Ayu's order,while the 2nd one is kak As's cupcakes ;)
I was soo happy when i got the orders,tried my very best on
decorating each cuppies exactly how they want it to be so I hope they'll love them.
& thanks a lot for ordering akaks :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy sunday to all you sweet peoples :)
Yesterday I baked 15 of choc cuppies ordered by wanie :D
She wanted the same exact design as the one in my previous entry,
except for the flower part,she wants to replace the flower with DORAEMON pic.
I hope u'll love the cuppies &
thanks a lot for ordering ok ;D

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello dear lovely readers ;D
Last night I came back from upm as usual,the first thing i
did when i came back home was baking!
Got 3 diffrnt orders from sungai buloh & will be sending them today :)
The cute 3 girls are from the same place,so I'll be delivering 3 orders at once.
The first girl,Dayang wanted a CHELSEA themed cuppies
for her bf.I used some of CHELSEA's edible images & deco the the cuppies
with some grass & choc balls ;D
The second girl,Nadiah wanted a purple + white coloured cuppies also for
her bf.I made it simple but sweet ;D
& for the third order,Khadijah wants a black + red themed cuppies.
For all three orders I try my very best to deco them & I really2 hope
that the 3 girls will love each their cupcakes ;D
Thanks a lot for ordering babes :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday :)

This post is specially dedicated to dearest jezmine,the super awesome fabulous designer
that I have ever meet.
Dear,knowing you is among the greatest thing that has ever
happen to me,u inspired me a lot + ur such a
wonderful & caring friend,thanks :D
Her birthday is today!!!
Happy birthday sweetheart ;D
so yesterday I decided to bake her some of my cupcakes as my way of
saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her.Had to sent them to her
yesterday which was one day earlier because today Im back in upm ;/
I baked 15 of my choc cuppies,they're covered with choc ganache &
first time ever,I try to decorate my cuppies with strawberries ;D
Saw few images of choc cuppies with strawberry so I decided to try it out
& it turns out great,wohooo ;D
I do hope you'll love them Jezmine!
Have a great birthday & may God bless you always ;)
I will always pray for ur success & happiness :D

The sweet adorable JEZMINE,
happy birthday dear :)