Tuesday, September 6, 2011

thank you.

Hello u guys :D
It has been a while since i last posted,been busy with raya celebrations with family & friends.
Alhamdulillah my raya this year is bliss with happiness,
thanks to my family & dear friends :)
During the month of ramadhan,i did a bit of raya cookies selling &
alhamdulillah i got good responses from everyone.to every single person who
ordered from me THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!it gives me great happiness
to bake yummy cookies & cakes for you people :D
Currently im preparing to go back to upm for my 3rd semester there,
class starts next monday & frankly speaking,i didnt do a single thing yet -___-
not looking forward to go bck but i dont really have a choice
so yeah,UPM here i come.haha :D
below are some pics of my scrumptious treats i did & manage to
tke photos of them.some are old ones but didnt get the chance
to upload them yet so do enjoy ok :)
btw,im open for any orders as usual so if anyone is interested
feel free to contact me ok :)

milk chocs for my aunt in perak.

mini moist choc cakes ordered by a friend of my mum.

bake them for fun :)

marshmellows dipped in choc covered with nuts.

small makan2 raya at home :)

choc cuppies with buttercream icing.

caramel cheesecake