Monday, January 31, 2011


Happy monday to all my blog readers :)
Yesterday I baked 15 of butter cupcakes ordered by a girl name Azi in upm.
She wanted to give the cuppies to her friend for her birthday :)
I decorated them with pastel colours & some colourful decorations ;D
Dear,I hope u like the cuppies &
thanks a lot for ordering ok :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

flower + chocs

Hey everybody :)
Currently Im on my mid sem break,its a 1 week break!
legaaa gila dpt cuti,hehe ;D
My whole week have been planned & there's just soo much things to do.
masa x kan pernah cukup!:p
Few days ago I did this simple flower arrangement + with my homemade chocs :)
Its my 1 time doing it,kira mcm experiment jgk la gtu.
Wanted to do something different from what I usually do so hope to hear all you guys punya opinion/suggestion/comments on this :D
Its suitable for any engagement,wedding or even as a gift :)
I can custom made on what you want,like the flower's,the chocs & etc.
Have a look at the pics & do contact me via sms/email for more info's :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Good afternoon to all you lovely peoples :)
Today I baked again,alhamdulillah lately I received lots of orders!
Sooo happy everytime I get to bake :D
So,this order comes from kak Zura staying in nilai.She wanted
49 of the mini cuppies + 25 of the normal size cuppies.Both have mixed flavour of choc & butter cupcakes covered with buttercream icing.
She told me to decorate the cuppies however I want as long as it'll look cute!
My fav decoration to do is RAINBOW + COLOURFUL theme.
I hope she'll love the cuppies & thanks a lot for ordering kak!
Enjoy the cupcakes ok :D


Hello everybody :)
It has been a very hectic week for me tapi
rasa mcm tiap2 minggu memg hectic kn?
haha,silly me ;p
So today I baked 15 choc cuppies covered with oreo buttercream icing,
ordered by a girl named MIM,she's a very nice & friendly person!
She wanted to give the cuppies to her bf,so I decorated them as
how she wanted.I hope its ok with her & she"ll love them :D
Tomorrow I'll be sending them to her in bangi.
To MIM,thanks tau order dr i!
hopefully u''ll love them & do let me know how it taste ok :)

again,its for a guy :)

Yes,its another guy-ish themed cupcakes,haha ;D
kebetulan this week I got two orders with guy theme so i
actually followed the previous one punya but tambah skit lain2 jgk la as wht the customer mintak :)
So this one is ordered by a girl from shah alam,
I hope she loves it coz i tried my very2 best on decorating
the cuppies for her!One thing good that I liked about her is that
she contacted me 1 week earlier so I had time to prepare/practice2
dulu so that result nyr x la teruk gila,hihi.
Sweetheart,thanks gila tau ordering & sorry I cant personally
send u the cuppies.I had to ask my cousin's help because I got something to attend to.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still new.

Hello & greetings to all you sweethearts!
First of all I would like to wish Happy Thaipussam to all Malaysian's :)
Its a public holiday today so I got no class,wohoo :D
Im back home since last night & early morning just now I baked 15 of my
classic chocolate cupcakes for a sweet dear friend of mine,lyna.
She wanted to give the cuppies to her friend for his birthday :)
Its my first time decorating the cuppies with guy-ish stuffs.
I am really an amatur at drawings all these stuffs so
forgive me if it doesnt look that nice,still learning :D
I did my very best & the results are shown below.
Do tell me what u guys think of it yeah :)
When I gave it to lyna just now,Im so relieved that she loved the cuppies!
takut jugak if dia x suka,hihi :D
Anyway,thanks a lot for ordering dear & I hope ur friend likes them,hehe ;D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

happy birthday :)

Hey everybody :D
Today I baked a choc moist cake for a very good friend of
mine in upm as its her birthday today :)
Kita kenal x la lama sgt tp ur a great person to get to know sweetie,hihi :D
Happy 20th birthday Nabila!!!!!!
may God bless you & have fun today ;D
I hope u like the cake dear ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello to all my lovely blog readers :)
First of all I would like to thanked everyone who followed my blog,
seriously I rasa terharu gila when I see my numbers of followers increase
day by day,it may not be a big thing to some people but to me its soo meaningful.
I feel soo apreciated & I know that out there
there are people who knows about my passion on baking :D
Enough of all this merapu2 stuffs,here are some pics of cupcakes which a
good friend of mine from asasi uitm,DANIELLA ordered :)
At first she ordered 50 cuppies,the 2nd week she ordered 100 cuppies &
in the same week also she added another 100 cuppies order.
I was sooooo thrilled by the orders,best dapat bake cuppies banyak2!
she ordered mix of choc,butter & strawberry flavoured cupcakes,there were all decorated with  RAINBOW,COLOURFUL & BRIGHT theme deco's.
alhamdulillah the response that i got from her regarding the cupcakes are totally great :D
Thanks soooo much ELLA for ordering that much &
making me very2 familiar with UKM as i had been there
3 times already due to delivering the cuppies to u,hihi ;D
Again,thanks :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prelove 3 :)

Yesterday I joined the prelove 3 event at oldblossombox,
its my 2nd time joining & it was sooooo amazingly great ;D
I thanked every each person who bought my cookies,cupcakes & chocs :) 
thanks a lot!
My bestie,fyka accompanied me the whole day.
I had sooo much fun with her,getting to know new peeps
& seeing lots of pretty ladies dropping by at OBB :)
Zillion thanks to jezmine who again gave me the
chance to join the event,thanks sweetie!
btw,sooo sad that we didnt take any pics together,too busy!
haha,nvr mind lah.still can tke pics next time kn?:D
sooo here are some pics taken yesterday,
Do enjoy :)

my yummy treats :)

mini cuppies ;D

choc cupcakes with choc frosting :D

me with my things,haha ;D

with aisyah & nana,:)

cuties,hihi ;D

with super crazy maria & cute nana :D
with the fashionable shea :)

with my 2 loving sisters,lyna & fyka :D

finally i get to meet u in person zafirah :)

with the sweet looking yanny :)

gadis kecil yg kuat makan,haha ;D