Sunday, January 30, 2011

flower + chocs

Hey everybody :)
Currently Im on my mid sem break,its a 1 week break!
legaaa gila dpt cuti,hehe ;D
My whole week have been planned & there's just soo much things to do.
masa x kan pernah cukup!:p
Few days ago I did this simple flower arrangement + with my homemade chocs :)
Its my 1 time doing it,kira mcm experiment jgk la gtu.
Wanted to do something different from what I usually do so hope to hear all you guys punya opinion/suggestion/comments on this :D
Its suitable for any engagement,wedding or even as a gift :)
I can custom made on what you want,like the flower's,the chocs & etc.
Have a look at the pics & do contact me via sms/email for more info's :)

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