Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prelove 3 :)

Yesterday I joined the prelove 3 event at oldblossombox,
its my 2nd time joining & it was sooooo amazingly great ;D
I thanked every each person who bought my cookies,cupcakes & chocs :) 
thanks a lot!
My bestie,fyka accompanied me the whole day.
I had sooo much fun with her,getting to know new peeps
& seeing lots of pretty ladies dropping by at OBB :)
Zillion thanks to jezmine who again gave me the
chance to join the event,thanks sweetie!
btw,sooo sad that we didnt take any pics together,too busy!
haha,nvr mind lah.still can tke pics next time kn?:D
sooo here are some pics taken yesterday,
Do enjoy :)

my yummy treats :)

mini cuppies ;D

choc cupcakes with choc frosting :D

me with my things,haha ;D

with aisyah & nana,:)

cuties,hihi ;D

with super crazy maria & cute nana :D
with the fashionable shea :)

with my 2 loving sisters,lyna & fyka :D

finally i get to meet u in person zafirah :)

with the sweet looking yanny :)

gadis kecil yg kuat makan,haha ;D

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