Sunday, January 23, 2011

again,its for a guy :)

Yes,its another guy-ish themed cupcakes,haha ;D
kebetulan this week I got two orders with guy theme so i
actually followed the previous one punya but tambah skit lain2 jgk la as wht the customer mintak :)
So this one is ordered by a girl from shah alam,
I hope she loves it coz i tried my very2 best on decorating
the cuppies for her!One thing good that I liked about her is that
she contacted me 1 week earlier so I had time to prepare/practice2
dulu so that result nyr x la teruk gila,hihi.
Sweetheart,thanks gila tau ordering & sorry I cant personally
send u the cuppies.I had to ask my cousin's help because I got something to attend to.


Nur Zalikha binti Halim said...

THANKSSSSSSSSSSS. Sangat sedap. Sgt cute. Great job babe. Insyaallah i order lg ye. Nice doing business wit ya :D

Shakira Sahil said...

hey :)
thanks,glad u ske!:D