Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year :)

Greetings to all lovely blog readers :)
Year 2010-it has been an
I started the cuppycakes in 2010,received numerous great &
sweet responds from many peoples regarding my cakes & cookies :D
I feel soooo grateful & blessed for everything,alhamdulillah :)
To everyone who ordered from me,thank a lot dearies,
I'll always remember each one of u,hihi ;D
Next monday,I'll be starting my second sem in UPM,
its gonna be a whole new thing,new friends,new classes & etc.
Feeling a bit nervous but at the same time Im excited to learn new subjects on food,hihi ;P
Wish me luck & hopefully I can get tru sem 2 like i did in my first sem,haha ;D
Btw,below are pics of cakes which a friend of my dad ordered.He wanted 2 moist choc cakes,
one is for her daughter while the other one is to be given to a friend who just got married :)
I hope he liks the cakes & thanks a lot uncle for ordering :D

& these are homemade chocs which I did with my lil sis :)
They're made from milk chocs & white chocs,I put in some nuts to make it more yummy,haha :D
I just love making chocs,its currently my num 1 obsession,hihi :p
Anybody interested in ordering,do let me know ok :)

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