Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cup Cakes & cookies

Happy sunday to all my readers :)
Hope everyone's doing fine,
as for me i've been a bit busy handling few things &
planning my whole december.currently its almost fulled of events,
trips & family plans.I just love the holidays,haha ;D
Btw,a good friend of mine,
Maryam ordered 50 choc almond cookies &
25 pieces of my classic chocolate cuppies for her sis's birthday.
I had soo much fun decorating the cookies,
its my fav.part of the whole process of making it :)
As for the cuppies I did a simple & cute deco's,
hope u like it maryam.
& thanks a lot for ordering dear :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

carrot cupcakes & mini tarts.

Olla to all my lovely readers :)
Currently Im having my sem-break till early jan 2011,
I dont really have anything thing to do during the holidays
so lately i've been trying out several new recipes on cakes
& icings.Everytime I bake I just feel soooo happy
& I totally enjoy every second of it :D
Yesterday I made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
The recipe was quite simple & alhamdulillah it turns out great.
My mum,my brother & I tried the cake & I think its ok lah
because I have never tried out carrot
cakes before this(not really a fan) so i dont exactly know how its
supposed to taste,haha silly me ;p
I've also made few of my mini fruit tarts as well.
My grandma's going to my aunt's place in bukit antarabangsa
so I've decided to give her some of the cuppies
& tarts so that she could try them out.
I hope she'll liked them :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

apple cake.

Hey everybody :)
I just want to let u guys know that im adding a new cake into my lines of cakes available.
Recently I tried out this recipe called APPLE CAKE recipe,
the cake is made out of apples,walnuts & dates.
Then the cake is drenched with yummy-sweet syrup made out of butter,milk & brown sugar.
I gave it out to some of my friends &
alhamdulillah I gain lots of positive feedbacks from them.
thanks a lot u guys :)
For 1 whole apple cake its RM50.
Do contact me via email/hp to order :)

this is before adding the syrup

this is after adding the syrup :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

choc cupcakes.

Hey everyone :)
I just finished decorating 25 of my choc cupcakes
which is ordered by my dear friend Ain.
Its covered with chocolate ganache & the base are chocolate cakes.
I do hope they'll love the cuppies
& to Ain,thanks a lot babe for ordering ;D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

cupcakes for charity.

Hello to all my lovely readers :)
hows everyone doing?hope eveything is fine.
Btw,I made 40 of these cupcakes to giveway for
a charity event happening at the usj 19 mall yesterday.
I made simple designs & mixed of flavours of cupcakes.
Hopefully they'll like my cupcakes &
Im totally glad to be helping the foundation.
Thanks :D

Pics are from Ms.Lum,thnks :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

Greetings to all :D
I would like to wish all muslims,
have a great hari raya everybody :)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

mini cupcakes

Hello to everyone :)
Again im posting an entry today on cupcakes.
Alhamdullilah the business is going very well &
im getting much2 order for this coming two months.
thanks sooooo much to all who supported me
& to those who ordered from me,i love you guys.thanks!
My besties sis ordered 49 mini chocolate cupcakes for her class party.
Just finished decorating them,I did my very best to make them look cute & funky :)
Do hope that you love it ifah!!
& thanks for ordering ok :)

cupcakes & mini tarts

Happy sunday everyone :)
Today Im going to OBB to deliver cupcakes & fruit tarts.
Jezmine's mum & nana ordered
chocolate cuppies with peanut butter icing & mini fruit tarts :)
I hope they'll love the cuppies & tarts.
Thanks a lot for ordering sweeties ;D

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cup Cakes.

Hey everyone :)
I just finished making 50 cupcakes ordered by my
roomate in UPM for her parents anniversary & also for her lil sis.
The pink-ish cupcakes are butter cake with sweet buttercream icing,
this is for her lil sis.I do hope her sis loves them :D
As for the other one,its for her parents &
the base are chocolate cakes with buttercream icing.
Thanks a lot Shasha for ordering,
do hope your family & you will enjoy all the cuppies :)

*Btw,this is the link to my roomate's entry on the
cuppies she ordered from me-shasha.thanks babe :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cup Cakes.

Greetings to all you lovely peoples :)
Im currently having my final exams,will be finishing on the 19thnov,
I sat for 2 papers already so another 3 to go :)
A good friend of mine has ordered
50 butter cupcakes & 20 choc almond cookies for an event tomorrow.
I wrote what he wanted on the cuppies & decorated them as cute as I can.
Do hope that he likes them & very best of luck for your event dear :)
& thanks soo much for ordering! ;D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

caramel cheese cake

Hey everyone :)
Im having my first exam paper tomorrow early in the morning,
but yet i still have time to bake.
I know its crazy but i just cant resist myself.hehe :D
So me & my mum tried out this recipe on caramel cheese cake
& gosh it came out perefectly.
seriously the taste is super awesome & yummy.
If ur a cheese lover this is a must try for u guys,the cheese is
sooooo delicious!
the bottom layer has chunks of almonds while the upper part has melted brown sugar spread all over :D
I have been eating few slices of them,totally addicted :)
The cake is OPEN for ORDER,its RM75 for a 1kg cake :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

happy birthday :)

I just made two strawberry sponge cakes,
one is round in shaped while the other is flower in shape.
The round one is layered with strawberry filling with some choc chips,
covered with buttercream icing.
As for the flower cake,its covered with the same icing as the round cake.
Im giving the round cake to my bestie,
ARIMI,for his birthday tomorrow.
really2 hope u'll like the cake,
its made with purely love from me.hehe :D
The other cake is for my other bestie,
ainul husna,she is going back to pahang tomorrow :)
Do enjoy your cakes my dear friends,
I love u guys soooo much :D
cake for una :)

arimi this is specially made for u :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hello to all :)
currently Im having my study week,my exams starts on the 8th till 19th.
So i get to stay home & study,haha!
it sounds so simple but no its sooo not.
well,one of the pretty girl who drop by at OBB prelove
sale last week ordered 25 cute choc cupcakes to be given to her bf.
I did my very best & hope that she'll love it :)
Thnks a lot for ordering dear.

Monday, November 1, 2010

best day ever.

Last weekend,I had an amazingly fun & happy time selling my cupcakes &
cookies at Jezmine Zaidan's shop,she & few other friends of hers
organized this super awesome PRELOVE EVENT :)
I made lots of colourful cupcakes & cookies.
I even made mini fruit tarts to be given away for free,it was my first try making them :D
Among the cupcakes that I made was butter cuppies
with strawberry/lemon icing,choc cuppies with peanut butter icing,
choc almond & butter cookies that comes in heel,ice-cream,heart & star shaped :)
Selling at OBB was much fun,
my bestie FYKA ABDULLAH came to accompany me the whole day.
thnks sooo much babe,your the best!
& Im also super2 happy to have made lots of new friends there,among them were shea & yanny.
these two ladies are TOTALLY GORGEOUS,AWESOME & very2 good at dressing up,
I adore both of u guys soo much :)
Lastly I would like to say that Im very2 touched with all the praises from all the preeeeety girls who came,thanks u guys ;D
& THANKS A LOT jezmine for giving me this wonderful opportunity to sell my cupcakes & cookies,your the best dear :)

colouful cupcakes!


specially made for OBB :)

choc cake with peanut butter icing

me with Aishah,Im totally in love with her cakes :)
it was a full house :)

my spot in OBB.

thnks fyka!

I like them a lot :)

with lovely jezmine :)