Sunday, May 6, 2012

pinky swinky.

Greetings dearies :)
As you can see from the tittle,its gonna be filled with everything pink :D
A dear friend requested a pink stacks cake covered with
swirls in different pink shades,was a bit worried in taking the order as
im scared it wont turn out great.but then i decided to give it a try &
alhamdulillah it turn out the opposite.
DIFFERENT PINK SHADES,i couldnt take my eyes off them
the whole time i was baking & decorating!simply gorgeous :D
The sweet lady,Wyda whom made the ordered wanted 2 pink cakes
& a box of 15 choc cupcakes with baby pink themed.
I made mini pink booties,milk bottle,teddies &
 mini pink baby clothes for the cupcakes deco.
It was really fuuuuuun & i had a blast baking them all :)
To dear Wyda,thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot for the order !

in the making

mini pink booties!

close up!

full view of the cupcakes!

baby baby baby

love the booties!

different layers of pink cake!

original pic of the cake,given by Wyda 

loveeeeee,thanks to Wyda for the pic :)

pink pink pink!

pink cake it the box :D