Friday, March 9, 2012

candy buffet

Helloooooo everybody :D
Its been a super duper hectic week for me,sorry that i was not able to
update here as frequent as i want too.
oh well,enough of that.lets talk about my latest project,CANDY BUFFET.
Candy buffet recently have become the IT THING associated with weddings,
engagements & birthday parties:)
People just love to have a big table filled with colourful deco's with all kinds of sweets & pastries on it.
so from there i decided to start one of my own.its pretty simple &
not that nice but i think for a first try its ok:)
My first debut of the buffet was done at a wedding in shah alam,
thanks to my mum whom suggested it.
Here i would like to inform that CUPPYCAKES BY SHAKIRA SAHIL
DO take orders related to candy buffet.we can customize the buffet
according to your budget & how you want it to be :D
so feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the candy buffet.
here i posted some of the candy buffet pics that i use as reference in producing
 my own candy buffet,hope u enjoy the pics :)

mini cuppies with heart marshmellows

for my candy buffet!

full view of the ccandy buffet :)

mini polka apams!