Sunday, May 29, 2011


hey peeps :)
ok,here we have two seperate orders of cupcakes.
the first one is from sweet dear FARAH from ss18,
she wanted the cuppies for her niece.i tried my best in decorating
them & hope that she'll love them,hehe :D
As for the other one,its for my cousin.dear aunt fariza ordered them :D
Im soo happy to be making the cuppies for her daughter's(aka my cousin) birthday.truely soory that i cant come to the party in bangsar as i had other things to be done.
but anyways thanks a lot aunty!:)
& to dear Farah also thanks okay dear :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

white & blue

Greetings people!
Alhamdulillah lately more orders are coming in,thanks a lot u guys!it gives
me great happiness to bake for u guys,yipeeeeeeeeeeee :D
So,few days ago a sweet girl name ALIA contacted me to order cupcakes.
she wanted to give a box for her bf & the other box for her family.
both boxes contains butter cake & covered with my normal buttercream icing.
i decorated them as how she wanted them to be & alhamdulillah she said that she like them :)
to dear Alia,congrats on ur convo & supeeeeeeeer thanks for ordering ok!

Friday, May 27, 2011

100 cupcakes.

Olaaaa me lovely readers =)
Yesterday I baked 100 cupcakes,mixed of choc & butter flavour.
My aunt from TTDI ordered them to be given to teachers for
teacher's day celebration,soo sweet of her ;)
Done decorating I went & send them to her in TTDI,supeeer glad that
she's happy with the cuppies as i decorated the cupcakes randomly with what I have.hihi :D
Aunty Fariza,thanks a lot for ordering ^_^

Sunday, May 22, 2011

happy birthday :)

Haaaaaaaaaapy sunday peeps! :D
ok,today i baked a special cake for my brother as its his birthday tomorrow.
we're gonna visit him latr this evening at his school.
I was inspired by the colourful looking rainbow cake i saw from several blogs,so i decided to try them out by just making 3 layers.the reason i only did 3 layers was that its my first try
so i dont really know how it will turn out & next its because that i
dont want to have a very high cake.its hard to transport it all the way to seremban,haha :D
Each layer of cake is covered with strawberry buttercream icing,
at first i didnt know what icing to put on but then out of random i decided :)
my purpose of baking this cake is totally just for fun & to make
something different for my brother :)
if this cake doesnt taste that good,i'll try & change the icing or maybe the cake recipe
because to me by practicing makes it perfect,right? :D
& beside the cake i baked some choc chip muffins,mum made him caramel cheesecake & grandma cooked rendang daging with pulut!soo many foods for just one person oh!;)
to my dear brother,happy birthday & may all your wishes come true!
study well for ur SPM this year & when ur back sila belanja along makan ok,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mix of everything.

Hey everyone!
It has been a very2 HECTIC + PACKED weekend for me,i had 2 reunions + genting trip,It was all supeeeeeeeeeer amazing!i had soo much fun!;D
so during last weekend before all the reunions & stuffs,I made
marhsmellow's + chocolates & my fav choc almond cookies :)
Its all for teacher's day,both my siblings want to give them out to their teachers.
I was happy making them,it was fun + for good purpose that is as a token
of appreciation from my siblings to their teachers :D
Besides that I also got a special order from NADIRAH,who
is my old friend since i was little.she's my neighbour & we were sooo
close back then.I truely missed her & it was awesome to see her back now :)
Im very happy that she loved her cuppies,thanks dear!
& yes i'll be contacting the GIVEAWAY WINNERS ASAP,truely soory
that im a bit late as my days are sooo packed!
To all the 10 lucky people,wait for my email ok! :)

 yummy marshmellows dipped with chocs!

 Suren's birthday present! :)

 nadirah's order ;D

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello dear readers :)
Few days ago I made this 1kg choc cake decorated with CARS edible image.
Its ordered by WANI from USJ2,its for her son's birthday on friday.I do hope they'll love the cake.
I made it with pure love & happiness,hehe :D
To Wani,thnks for ordering!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

one year :)

Olaaaaaaaaaaa to all you lovely peoples :D
Im such in a joyful mood as i just came back from my last exam 
paper for this semester.alhamdulillah everything went well,
hopefully the results are ok.amin :)
So starting from today till early september,I'll be having my 
sem break!its the longest break I had ever have,coool!:D
& here I would like to announced something regarding my business,CUPPYCAKES.
As we all know,I just started CUPPYCAKES last year.
it has been a totally amazing + unique experience baking 
all sorts of treats for all my dear customers.
Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,I would like to thank each 
& every of you.without all of your support & kindness,all of these 
would never happend.Again,thanks :)
Im proud to announce that my precious baby,
So as a token of my appreciation to all of you,im giving away all 
sorts of yummy treats for 10 lucky peoples.& to be those lucky 
ones,you just have to be a follower of CUPPYCAKES blog.
As simple as that!I'll be picking out 10 peoples at random on the 
15th may hurry up & be a follower of this blog :)
I'll contact the 10 lucky followers on the 16th via email.
seriously,I cant wait to bake for all you 10 lucky peoples!
One thing that i can promise,im going to make them super special for u guys ;D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

choc cupcakes.

Its Sunday peoples :D
yeah,so far i sat for 3 papers already & another 3 papers to go nxt week -___-
overall i cant say much,its finals so what more can you say right?;/
ok,enough bout the exams.
In this post,there's two different cupcakes order.
the first one is by a girl who's living in the same kolej as me in upm,she wanted the cupcakes to be butter flavoured & decorated for his brother's birthday :)
As for the second order,its from my dear friend afiq.He wanted to gve the cuppies as present to his sis who's getting marry today,wohoooo I love weddings :D
I do hope both of them love their cuppies & thanks a lor for ordering yeah!