Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mix of everything.

Hey everyone!
It has been a very2 HECTIC + PACKED weekend for me,i had 2 reunions + genting trip,It was all supeeeeeeeeeer amazing!i had soo much fun!;D
so during last weekend before all the reunions & stuffs,I made
marhsmellow's + chocolates & my fav choc almond cookies :)
Its all for teacher's day,both my siblings want to give them out to their teachers.
I was happy making them,it was fun + for good purpose that is as a token
of appreciation from my siblings to their teachers :D
Besides that I also got a special order from NADIRAH,who
is my old friend since i was little.she's my neighbour & we were sooo
close back then.I truely missed her & it was awesome to see her back now :)
Im very happy that she loved her cuppies,thanks dear!
& yes i'll be contacting the GIVEAWAY WINNERS ASAP,truely soory
that im a bit late as my days are sooo packed!
To all the 10 lucky people,wait for my email ok! :)

 yummy marshmellows dipped with chocs!

 Suren's birthday present! :)

 nadirah's order ;D

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