Sunday, May 1, 2011

choc cupcakes.

Its Sunday peoples :D
yeah,so far i sat for 3 papers already & another 3 papers to go nxt week -___-
overall i cant say much,its finals so what more can you say right?;/
ok,enough bout the exams.
In this post,there's two different cupcakes order.
the first one is by a girl who's living in the same kolej as me in upm,she wanted the cupcakes to be butter flavoured & decorated for his brother's birthday :)
As for the second order,its from my dear friend afiq.He wanted to gve the cuppies as present to his sis who's getting marry today,wohoooo I love weddings :D
I do hope both of them love their cuppies & thanks a lor for ordering yeah!


Anonymous said...

Shakira, how u make the second cupcake? I mean u put the choc on the top.

Shakira Sahil said...

hey zana :)
oh,i made choc ganache then u just sapu the choc on the cupckes.try it out dlu if x jadi let me know mybe we try cri apa yg silap ke :)

anish-chan said...

Wuuu i wanna follow, bt i dont have a blog shakira.Sobs, cant win ;(