Sunday, May 29, 2011


hey peeps :)
ok,here we have two seperate orders of cupcakes.
the first one is from sweet dear FARAH from ss18,
she wanted the cuppies for her niece.i tried my best in decorating
them & hope that she'll love them,hehe :D
As for the other one,its for my cousin.dear aunt fariza ordered them :D
Im soo happy to be making the cuppies for her daughter's(aka my cousin) birthday.truely soory that i cant come to the party in bangsar as i had other things to be done.
but anyways thanks a lot aunty!:)
& to dear Farah also thanks okay dear :)


MyaAthirah said...

sgt jeles tgk ur cuppy sgt comel! mine xlawa..huhu

Shakira Sahil said...

eh jgn cmtu,u can buat cuppies jadi comel.kna kreatif skit je :)