Friday, May 28, 2010

flea market at AMCORP MALL,PJ.

hey everyone,i've been bz the whole day tdy baking cookies & cupcakes :)
this weekend i'll be joining the flea market at amcorp mall,
feel free to drop by & have a taste of my cookies & cupcakes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cup Cakes

Mini-sized cuppies

Music theme :)

Randomized design


Happy Eating!


Here are few samples of cookies that I have made for selling. There are two types of cookies ; butter and chocolate.


Mini doll cake, yummy (^o^)

Cuppycakes Price


Below are the list of price for all the desserts available at CUPPYCAKES.Once you have decide what you want to order,do email me will reply your emails as soon as I receive them :)

Cup Cakes(butter/classic chocolate)
dIfferent sizes have different pricing.

Mini Size (49 pieces)-RM55   
Medium Size (25 pieces)-RM55
Medium Size(15 pieces)-RM45
Mini Polka Apam
RM35 for 50 pieces.
(fillings either strawberry/blueberry)

One layer-RM40
Two layers-RM55
Each layers comes with fresh whipped cream & strawberries.You can request for other things to be put on the pavlova.

Cream Puffs
Standard size,RM35 for 25 pieces
Mini size,RM45 for 50 pieces
Fillings-vanilla custard/chocolate

RM 55 for each of cakes(1kg) with available flavours:      
Sponge Chocolate Oreo 
Sponge Strawberry        
Sponge Kiwi                  
Sponge Orange            
For any other flavour you wish to order,do let me know as I'll try my best to make it happen :)

Steamed chocolate moist cake
RM60 for 1kg.

Rainbow cake
cream cheese frosting
buttercream frosting

Red Velvet cake

Apple Cake
RM50 for 1 kg

RM60 for 1kg.

Fancy Cookies
One piece RM 3.50, minimum order is 20 pieces.
Chocolate Almond

Mini Fruit Tarts
A box of 49 pieces-RM35

Homemade Chocolates(choc coverture/choc compund)
-custom made you're own choc by choosing you're filling & shape/deco of the chocs :)

Fillings:strawberry,mocha,orange,lemon(other fillings not stated also can be done)

A box of 24 chocs is RM30
A box of 35 chocs is RM40
Lollichoc-per stick is RM1.50,min order is 20 chocs.

Edible Image
A sheet of A4 size is rm15
(can fit for 25 standard size cupcake/round shape 6-9 inch cake)