Sunday, October 24, 2010

pink & purple.

Hello to all,happy sunday :)
A friend of mine ordered 30 of my classic chocolate cupcakes for her sis's birthday.
She wanted the cuppies to be pink & purple in colour,& girl-ish themed :D
I did my very best & the results are displayed below.
Do let me know what you guys think of it,hehe ;)
To Aishah,thanks sooo much babe for ordering.
I hope ur sis love the cuppies & happy birthday from me :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

everybody is invited :)

Hey everyone :)
I will be joining a prelove sale organize by my dearest friend,Jezmine Zaidan
on this 30th OCT 2010.There will be great stuffs at very2
cheap price for all u girls out there who simply cant get enough of  shopping &
trust me u will get good stuffs here,
I went to the first prelove & it was totally amazing :)
I'll be selling my cupcakes & cookies.
Will also be introducing several new flavours during the prelove & I hope that u guys will love them.
I'll be giving away yummy treats too :)
Details are all stated below,do come & join us all ;D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

200 choc almond cookies

Greetings everyone :)
Yesterday was a very tiring day for me.
I made 200 of choc almond cookies which is ordered by a
friend of my mum for a wedding.
This is the first time that i made that much of cookies,haha ;D
Started in the afternoon & finished by 8pm.
I made several different designs on each cookies but only manage
to snap few pics due to lack of time & i just want to concentrate solely on the cookies :)
Really2 hope that my mum's friend is happy with all the cookies
& thanks soooo much for ordering :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

faces on cupcakes.

hello to all :)
Recently i have been very busy with lots of tests & assignments.
been missing to bake,haha :D
Today i baked 25 of my classic chocolate cupcakes which is ordered by a friend of my friend :)
Due to my customers request on drawing her whole family on the cupcakes,i decided to give it a try.
its my first time drawing faces on the cuppies,hehe ;D
Pintot,i really2 hope u'll like the cupcake & thanks so much for ordering :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

happy birthday :)

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved boyfriend,Raja Shahir.
HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY DEAR,hope you'll always
be happy & may God bless you :)
Since shahir is a chocolate lover,I decided to bake him a heart shaped choc cake.
The cake is layered with choc chunks,choc chips & some almond grounds.
Covering the cake is choc ganache which is made
purely from heated cooking choc + whipping cream :D
Seriously i really2 hope he'll love the cake!
Again,i wish you a very happy birthday shahir ;)

Here's a look of the inside part of the cake :)
thanks shahir for the pics!