Thursday, June 16, 2011


Greetings to all :)
Im super excited as Im flying off to RUSSIA tomorrow night ;D ;D ;D
Im going for an exchange program under AISEC,UPM.
I wont be in MOSCOW as the project is held in UFA(2 hours flight from moscow),
so i'll be staying there & will be joining the TURN TO GREEN project 
organized by AISEC UFA,RUSSIA.
Im just soo happy tht finally its happening!!wehooooo :)
So here I would like to state that
FROM 17 JUNE 2011 TILL 24 JULY2011,
Do take note on that & pray that everything goes well for me while Im there.
insyaallah :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

happy birthday :)

Whats up peoples???:)
Yeah,it has been a while since my last post,the reason why
is that Im a bit busy getting ready for my exchange trip to RUSSIA.
supposingly by today im in russia already teaching kids there & etc.
but yeah sometimes things doesnt go as how we plan,therefore
leading to the fact that Im still here.seriously only God & several peoples know how hard
& tension this trip is giving me -__-
but hey I decided not to think that much & go with the flow.insyaallah
when everything is set im off to russia,amin :)
so,enough about me & more on the order im posting in this entry.
My dear bestie AINUL,wanted to order a special cake for her brother's birthday.
She told me that her brother loves walnut sooooo much &
wanted a butter walnut cake for the birthday boy :)
so last friday I baked her the cake,it was covered with buttercream icing
& i did a simple decoration on the cake.
The next day,she told me that the cake was yummy.her dad loves it soo
much & everyone in the family enjoyed the cake too :D
Im just soo happy that they all love the cake,its my first time baking the
butter walnut cake btw & thank god it was a success.alhamdulillah :)
To Una,thanks a lot for ordering dear :D