Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fun fun fun :D

I had a very very very great saturday selling my yummy treats at OBB :)
It was my third time joining this event & as I predicted I had a super
awesome time the whole day there!!!!wohooo ;D
Started the day early morning,came to OBB at 11am &
at that time the place was filled with lots of prelove items
by all the lovely ladies.Around 12noon the shop was packed
with gorgeous looking girls who came to shop & have fun :)
Everyone seems to love my new creation,the MINI POLKA APAM WITH FILLINGS!
it was a hit,I personally love them because they're just sooo cute!hihi :D
Btw the apam is OPEN FOR ORDERS,if interested do let me know :)
Besides the apam,I made butter cuppies covered with colourful buttercreams,
chocolate cuppies covered with peanut butter frosting,fancy choc almond cookies,choc chip cookies,marshmellows dipped in white & milk choc with stick & mini fruit tarts.
Thanks a lot to everyone who bought from me,I do hope u guys enjoy
& love the yummy treats from me :D
I also got to know few interesting ladies who are among the girls selling their prelove stuffs,they are cynthia,Hui Ting &Hui Wen.These girls are sooo cool & I like their styles :D
Overall I can say that I enjoyed myself very2 much ;)
& million thanks to dear sweet JEZMINE ZAIDAN for
giving me this wonderful opportunity,thanks!

 pic credits to lyna :D

 group photo!!they're all super gorgeous :)

 loving the colours!

my name cards,hehe :D

with Hui Ting & Hui Wen

 Me with all cuppycakes yums!!!pic credits to Ami.

Pic is taken from Ami,love her GF1 soo much :)

Me with darling cynthia :D

with the owner of OBB,dear Jezmine :)

Pot filled with marshmellows !

My cupcakes :D

people busy shopping :)

pic taken right after i unpacked everything.

with Aisyah from that last slice,her macarons are heaven!

mini fruit tarts <3

specially for OBB :)

polka apam's :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Greetings to everybody :)
Here I would sincerely like to invite u guys to this event Im joining,
its held this saturday 26th march 2011 in shah alam.
Thanks to dearest jezmine,the owner of  oldblossombox who gave me this 
great chance of joining her event again,its my 3rd time :D
Im sooooo thrilled + excited! 
there's soo much to bake yet sooo little time,hopefully I can get 
everything done by friday night,Insyaallah :)
I'll be selling cupcakes,choc chip cookies,choc almond cookies,mini fruit tarts & many more!!!
so to everyone out there who wants to try out my yummy treats,do drop by ok :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello to all my readers & to all of you :)
This week is my 11th week here in upm,another 3 weeks to go to the finals.
It has been super duper hectic + tirring,I got lots of stuffs to be done.
But alhamdulillah I still manage to balance everything well :D
Last sunday sweet dear Sarah contacted me & said that she wanted a choc moist cake to be given to her lecturers.Its just a simple 1 kg chocolate cake covered with choc ganache & decorated with smarties all around the cake :)
I felt soo happy while decorating the cake,it really2 made my stress/problems go away!haha ;D
To dear Sarah,thanks a lot for ordering sweetie!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Greetings love!:)
How's everybody?I hope u guys are in good health.amin :D
So for this entry Im posting about the choc moist cake 
which my aunt ordered to be given as a wedding present.
It was kind of a last minute order so It didnt looked that fancy,but still I think its ok,hihi :D
Its a square shaped choc moist cake covered with choc ganache.
I decorated the cake together with my aunt,it was fun!
Thanks aunt,I had fun spending time with u :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

mix home-made chocs

Greetings to everyone :)
first of all I would like to say here that Im terribly sad on what happened in Japan & Russia :(
Its super sad watching all the vids & reading bout the tsunami.
I pray that everythings fine & hopefully it wont get worst,amin :)
Ok,in this entry im posting bout my home-made chocs!
I made a boz of 25 chocs(white chocs & milk chocs with strawberry + almond as fillings).
Its ordered by my cousin's gf who wanted to give them to him.
Its a bit funny making chocs for ur own cousin cz sumhow u knw the person + its just simply weird to me :p
I hope my cousin likes the chocs,& to dear Iqa thanks for ordering ok.sweet gilaaa u as a gf :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

swirls again.

Gooooooood morning to all my lovely followers
& to all you people out there ;D
Its a rainy day today,Im home as usual no class today :p
A friend of mine from asasi sains uitm ordered a box of 15 choc cuppies for her friend.
She wanted the cuppies to be decorated with swirls + mrsmllows :D
I baked them last night & decorated them today.
I hope u like it Syan!!!
& thanks a lot for ordering ok.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Olaaaaaa peoples ;D
Rasa macam lama je x update blog ni dah,hehe!
ok,its my 8th week in upm & superb packed with works + etc.
Bz2 pun Im still taking any cuppies,cookies or cakes orders ok :)
So this week I got 3 orders from 3 different peoples.
The first is the choc moist cake ordered by 
sweet dear ZAFEERA,I hope ur frenz will love the cake & thanks  for ordering ok :)
The second is 15 choc cupcakes decorated with colourful 
swirls + hearts ordered by YANTI,a very2 sweet looking girl I know online :D
I do hope ur boyfie loves the cuppies,thanks babe!
& the last order is by AEIY from upm,I know him from last 
semester cz we took archery together for our kokurikulum.
I hope kak,ayu will love the cuppies & thanks a lot for ordering :D
Personally I hope all the three orders will satisfy each of them 
as my main goal in doing this is to make sure 
my customers are happy,when they're happy I'll be happy too :D