Saturday, March 5, 2011


Olaaaaaa peoples ;D
Rasa macam lama je x update blog ni dah,hehe!
ok,its my 8th week in upm & superb packed with works + etc.
Bz2 pun Im still taking any cuppies,cookies or cakes orders ok :)
So this week I got 3 orders from 3 different peoples.
The first is the choc moist cake ordered by 
sweet dear ZAFEERA,I hope ur frenz will love the cake & thanks  for ordering ok :)
The second is 15 choc cupcakes decorated with colourful 
swirls + hearts ordered by YANTI,a very2 sweet looking girl I know online :D
I do hope ur boyfie loves the cuppies,thanks babe!
& the last order is by AEIY from upm,I know him from last 
semester cz we took archery together for our kokurikulum.
I hope kak,ayu will love the cuppies & thanks a lot for ordering :D
Personally I hope all the three orders will satisfy each of them 
as my main goal in doing this is to make sure 
my customers are happy,when they're happy I'll be happy too :D

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