Saturday, March 12, 2011

mix home-made chocs

Greetings to everyone :)
first of all I would like to say here that Im terribly sad on what happened in Japan & Russia :(
Its super sad watching all the vids & reading bout the tsunami.
I pray that everythings fine & hopefully it wont get worst,amin :)
Ok,in this entry im posting bout my home-made chocs!
I made a boz of 25 chocs(white chocs & milk chocs with strawberry + almond as fillings).
Its ordered by my cousin's gf who wanted to give them to him.
Its a bit funny making chocs for ur own cousin cz sumhow u knw the person + its just simply weird to me :p
I hope my cousin likes the chocs,& to dear Iqa thanks for ordering ok.sweet gilaaa u as a gf :D

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