Saturday, December 31, 2011

wedding cupcakes

Greetings to all you sweet readers ;)
Its the last day of 2011,It has been a craaaaaazy year for me so many ups & downs!
I would like to thank all you people out there who ordered from me,
truely am happy to bake for you guys ;)
So,recently I got this order from dear Syazwin who wanted a dozen of cuppies
decorated with flowers for her wedding.was extremely happy when I got the order!:D
The colours were all chosen by her & the cuppies are mix of butter & choc flavour.
I hope everything goes well on her wedding day &
thaaanks a lot for ordering dear!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

wedding cuppies.

Hello to all my lovely readers :)
Recently I got a big big order of cupcakes from a friend of mine in UPM.
Her sis is getting marry & she wants 600 cupcakes as their wedding gift.
was soo excited when she told me about it!!!
Although i was a bit tirred throughout the whole process of baking,decorating,
boxing,tagging & not to forget counting I had soo much fun as my siblings
& my dearest mum was super kind to help me out with all those works.Without them I dont
think i could finish all 600 of the cupcakes.
All 600 are chocolate cupcakes covered with buttercream icing
decorated in swirl + sprinkles.The themed was silver & pink therefore
I made 300 white based cuppies & another 300 are pink based cuppies :)
For the box,I manage to find a suitable type of box that they love,
personally I also LOVEEE the box!!the butterfly thing is just sooo cuteeee :D
To my dear friend who ordered the 600 cuppies,
THAAAANKS SOOO MUCH!it was a great experience for me as
usually i only bake 20-50 cupcakes per order.hihi :D
& also I got another order from the TAEKWONDO club in UPM,
they wanted 150 of taekwondo themed cuppies for their party :)
It was a bit difficult at first as i have never design or beeing asked to do
such theme,but in the end everything work out well & they love my idea for the cuppies :)
Thanks soo much for ordering u guys :D

 Taekwondo box 1
 Taekwondo box 2
 close up of the cuppies :)
 Loveee the figures!haha :D
 black & white :D

 close up of the wedding cupcake!
 the box is supeeer cute!
 pink with silver sprinkles!
 white with pink sprinkles!
 all 600 cuppies ready to go :D
 dont you just love the colour?:)
 sweet & simple :)
 the white cuppies :D
 another close up of the box!:)
box in the making,thaanks to my brother & lil sis :D

Saturday, December 3, 2011

december 2011.

Hello my dearies,super duper sorry for not updating the blog for quite some time.
I have been so busy that i almost forgot about this blog,again terribly sorry -__-
Will try my very best not to keep forgetting about it,hihi :D
anyway,here are some random pics of my yummy treats that i've done,its a mix of
cookies,cakes,cupcakes & etc :)
Alhamdulillah,been getting lots & lots of orders lately & major thanks to all the
people out there who keeps supporting me!u guys are the beeeeeeeeeeest :)
btw happy december everybody,in less than 30 days 2012 is coming.
weeeeeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hellooo dearies :D
omg,i think it has been like forever since my last post 0__0
Im truely sorry that i didnt post more as im really really really BUSY,
been occupied with classes in UPM & also juggling my life which is filled with so much crazyness.
So for the past few weeks,I have been baking a lot.
I got few orders on cupcakes & the most recent order was from
dear Wyda from subang.She ordered 150 of mini polka apams filled with strawberry
& blueberry fillings :D
I had soooo much fun making the apams & im very happy that
Wyda loves them,thanks for ordering dear :)
Besides that,last sunday I try to bake PAVLOVA for
the first time ever in my life :D
It turns out a great success!wehoooooooooo :)
Just looking at the pics of them makes me drool!hahahaha :)
& to all the people who got the chance to taste my first ever pavlova,
thaaaaanks for the far everybody loves it,am very very very happy!
So hear I would like to annnounce that
Feel free to ask/inquiry anything regarding my bakings ok,
email me or contact me via mobile :D
thanks for dropping by cuppycakes & have a great week to all u readers :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

thank you.

Hello u guys :D
It has been a while since i last posted,been busy with raya celebrations with family & friends.
Alhamdulillah my raya this year is bliss with happiness,
thanks to my family & dear friends :)
During the month of ramadhan,i did a bit of raya cookies selling &
alhamdulillah i got good responses from every single person who
ordered from me THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!it gives me great happiness
to bake yummy cookies & cakes for you people :D
Currently im preparing to go back to upm for my 3rd semester there,
class starts next monday & frankly speaking,i didnt do a single thing yet -___-
not looking forward to go bck but i dont really have a choice
so yeah,UPM here i come.haha :D
below are some pics of my scrumptious treats i did & manage to
tke photos of them.some are old ones but didnt get the chance
to upload them yet so do enjoy ok :)
btw,im open for any orders as usual so if anyone is interested
feel free to contact me ok :)

milk chocs for my aunt in perak.

mini moist choc cakes ordered by a friend of my mum.

bake them for fun :)

marshmellows dipped in choc covered with nuts.

small makan2 raya at home :)

choc cuppies with buttercream icing.

caramel cheesecake

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
it has been so long ago since my last post,I came back safely & happily from RUSSIA & my bangkok trip.everything was soo amazing,alhamdulillah.
so,now Im back & its already the month of ramdhan.time flies soo quick.
For this whole month Im selling a variety of raya cookies & cakes,order can
be made starting today until few days before Hari Raya :)
Just email or contact me if you have any inquiries regarding the Raya treats Im selling.
All the cookies are homemade & 100% our own recipe :D
So hurry up,make your raya this year more fun & meaningful by having CUPPYCAKES RAYA TREATS with you :)

 The small size,RM15 each(35-40pieces)

 The big size,RM25 each(75-80 pieces)
 among the yummy cuppycakes raya treats :)