Saturday, April 30, 2011

engagement cupcakes

Goooood morning!!!!
Yeah,yesterday was extremely awesome as the whole world
Im sooo in love with the whole event,from the moment they arrived at the church till the balcony scene!seriously its AH-MAH-ZIIING :D
Ok im gonna stop on the royal wedding thing cz if not im gonna
be saying every inch bit of it in this post.
haha ;)
oh yes for this order,its such an honour for me to be doing this as i
dont really get much orders for wedding/engagements ceremony.
maybe the time hasnt come yet,i think!
so this guy named LUQMAN called me up asking bout engagement
cupckes that he wanted to order for his cousin.I was extremely happy
discussing the ideas & making the thing a reality :D
they wanted a similar looking design which i had done previously.
but back then i just did 3 cupckes as im giving it to Yanny as samples :)
but for this order ,they wanted 15 choc cupcakes with the floral decorations.
seriously,im loving the final result!!!
yesterday while i was doing the cupcakes & decorating
each cups,i didnt realize that it'll turn out like this.its like supeeeeer
nicee!personally i fell in love with the pics of the cupcakes,silly me.hihi :D
I do hope the engagement ceremony will turn out great &
to Luqman,supeer thanks for the order.& again truely sorry for
the lil inconvenience tht happend while i delivered the cuppies.
I hope its ok with u & thanks a lot :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

mini polka apam

Happy friday everybody!gosh,today is the most awaited day of all.
its the wedding of prince william & kate!!!!
wooooohoooo,im soo excited & for sure everyone else is too :)
Will be watching it live on tv later this afternoon :D
So for this entry,im posting about the mini polka apams.
Recently i have been getting good feedbacks about it,alhamdulillah.
I got this order of 50 mini apams from a girl who lives in KL,
she's such a sweet dear & very nice.I met her at Mydin,usj to deliver
the apams to her & was very happy to see her smilling at the apams.
I really hope she'll love them cz im sooo in love with it,hihi ;D
thanks for the order & hope to see u again dear :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pink & orange.

Olaaaaaaa peoples!:)
Today i woke up super early coz there's a lot of things to be done +
my exam starts tomorrow soo i need to study!!!
The first thing i did was baking,i bake 15 butter cupcakes ordered
by sweet Lyana Haniff.She wanted to give the cupcakes to
kids so i decorated them as fun & colourful as i can :D
I do hope the kids & lyana herself would love them,hihi =)
Then,i made 50 colourful mini polka apam's for Jezmine.
She wanted the apams to be plain & no filling inside.
Personally I also preffer to eat them plain just like that
cz its apam,the fluffyness is what i love the most about it,
& of course the colourful colours used is just soo attractive,hihi :)
Thanks a lot lyana & jezmine for the order.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

ben 10

Greetings to all my readers :)
Today,i went & send this cake ordered by NIRMALA in bangsar.
She previously ordered cupcakes from me &
 this time she ordered a 2kg butter cake covered with choc ganache ;D
She wated the cake to be decorated with BEN 10 theme as its for her sons's birthday.
I had a blast making the cake as it took me half a day to get it 
done,its among the biggest cake i have ever done.the cake is 
12 inch diameter & the weight is actually more than 2kg.maybe around 2kg ++. 
thanks again Nirmala for ordering & i do hope u enjoy the cake ok :)
& to sweet dear fyka & syed,thanks a lot for taking me there.
u guys really2 made my day a happy one =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Helooooooooooo to dear lovely blog readers :)
Recently I have been receiving lots of orders & im just sooo sooo
thankful to God for this,alhamdulillah syukur.
Im very2 happy to be on study leave for a week,I get to bake more!!!
but its a bit hard for me to study as my mind will mostly be on these
baking things soo im strugling a bit but insyaallah i'll try my best!
so,for this entry its about two orders,one is from dear LYNA KAMAL &
the other one is from a sweet girl from alam megah.
The one in the pink & purple is ordered by the girl who's a friend of
my regular customer,Sarah.She wanted to surprise her parents
with the cuppies,so i do hope they'll love them ;D
the ones with the pink + yellow swirls is for lyna.
She wanted to bring the cuppies to her friend
engagement ceremony,sooo sweet of her :)
I just love decorating the cupcakes,its like
I hope both girls are happy with what they ordered &
thaaaaaaaaaaaaank a lot sweeties!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

mini polka !

Happy thursday everyone!!!:)
How's everybody?doing all right?I hope so =)
ok im currently in my study week,haha!i just laugh
at the words,STUDY WEEK!seriously,it aint really study week for
me cz idk why i just cant get my mind focused ;/
Yeah i did study a bit of this & that but most of the time i'll be
sleeping/not at home(i just love to go out & walk around in the shopping
malls,its a bad habit i know but its really hard not to do it).
Oh yes,lets talk more on my new creation!!!!
they're called MINI POLKA APAMS,its actually the same as those apam
we buy at the pasar except that these ones are modified in few ways,
I made them smaller in size(MINI),play around with colourful
colours as decoration & inside them got fillings(strawberry).
Seriously these babies are soooooo cute & totally irresistible ;D
Im selling them for rm30 for 50 pieces.
If interested do contact/email me ok :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

blue & purple.

Hello everybody =)
Recently i got this order from a girl named Farah,she's studying in upm same as me staying in KTP.
She wanted a purple + blue with swirls choc cupcakes.
I tried my very best on decorating the cuppies so that she'll love them :D
after decorating,I sent them to her & was sooo happy to see her.
One thing i can say about her is that she's the sweeeeeeeeeetest girl
ever among all the girls that I have ever met!!!!
Thanks a lot dear!!!
you really2 made my day a happy one!

Friday, April 15, 2011

choc cupcakes.

Olaaaaaaaa me lovely readers :D
Several days ago I got this order of 50 choc cuppies from sweet dear Nirmala
who wanted the cupcakes for her son's birthday.
After baking all of them,went to send them to mid valley
because Nirmala's place is just nearby there.
She looked very happy when she saw the cupcakes & as for
me it gives me great happiness to see my customer happy,hihi :)
Thanks a lot for ordering dear Nirmala ^_^

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey to all you lovely peoples :D
I felt like it has been a while since I last posted.gosh my life is becoming busier than ever,
its going to be my last week in upm then I'll have 1 week break
for study week then comes the final exams!!!
Im sooo stress by all these things but for now Im ok,
I can still manage & balance everything out,alhamdulillah :)
So for today,I baked 3 sets of butter cupcakes for 3 different peoples.
The first set in white + pink colour is for mum's staff,its her birthday tomorrow :D
The second set is in sof yellow colour,its for my dear friend from asasi sains,farhah.
She has been a fan of my cuppies since way back then
when I first started,thanks a lot for all the support sweetie & I do
hope you'll love your cuppies,I made the icings just the way u like it :)
As for the third set in blue + white colour,its also
for mum's staff at work.Its her birthday :)
To all three persons,I wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY,may god bless u always,amin.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

carrot cupcakes.

Happy Sunday everybody!!!
Thanks to everyone who's following my blog,it means a lot to
me everytime a new follower is added.seriously,without all of you &
everyone who has been supporting me with this baking thing,i dont think i
could make it.thankssss a looooot ok,insyaallah I'll be having a giveway contest/promo soon
when CUPPYCAKES turns 1 years old,wohooooooooooooooo :)
So last night i baked 25 pieces of carrot cuppies,
covered with cream cheese frosting & decorated with diced walnuts :D
Sweet dear yanny ordered them,
thanks a lot for coming all the way to my place to pick
them up & truely sorry that im not home just now.
I hope u enjoy the cuppies & thanks a lot for ordering ok!