Thursday, April 21, 2011

mini polka !

Happy thursday everyone!!!:)
How's everybody?doing all right?I hope so =)
ok im currently in my study week,haha!i just laugh
at the words,STUDY WEEK!seriously,it aint really study week for
me cz idk why i just cant get my mind focused ;/
Yeah i did study a bit of this & that but most of the time i'll be
sleeping/not at home(i just love to go out & walk around in the shopping
malls,its a bad habit i know but its really hard not to do it).
Oh yes,lets talk more on my new creation!!!!
they're called MINI POLKA APAMS,its actually the same as those apam
we buy at the pasar except that these ones are modified in few ways,
I made them smaller in size(MINI),play around with colourful
colours as decoration & inside them got fillings(strawberry).
Seriously these babies are soooooo cute & totally irresistible ;D
Im selling them for rm30 for 50 pieces.
If interested do contact/email me ok :)

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