Saturday, April 23, 2011


Helooooooooooo to dear lovely blog readers :)
Recently I have been receiving lots of orders & im just sooo sooo
thankful to God for this,alhamdulillah syukur.
Im very2 happy to be on study leave for a week,I get to bake more!!!
but its a bit hard for me to study as my mind will mostly be on these
baking things soo im strugling a bit but insyaallah i'll try my best!
so,for this entry its about two orders,one is from dear LYNA KAMAL &
the other one is from a sweet girl from alam megah.
The one in the pink & purple is ordered by the girl who's a friend of
my regular customer,Sarah.She wanted to surprise her parents
with the cuppies,so i do hope they'll love them ;D
the ones with the pink + yellow swirls is for lyna.
She wanted to bring the cuppies to her friend
engagement ceremony,sooo sweet of her :)
I just love decorating the cupcakes,its like
I hope both girls are happy with what they ordered &
thaaaaaaaaaaaaank a lot sweeties!

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