Friday, April 29, 2011

mini polka apam

Happy friday everybody!gosh,today is the most awaited day of all.
its the wedding of prince william & kate!!!!
wooooohoooo,im soo excited & for sure everyone else is too :)
Will be watching it live on tv later this afternoon :D
So for this entry,im posting about the mini polka apams.
Recently i have been getting good feedbacks about it,alhamdulillah.
I got this order of 50 mini apams from a girl who lives in KL,
she's such a sweet dear & very nice.I met her at Mydin,usj to deliver
the apams to her & was very happy to see her smilling at the apams.
I really hope she'll love them cz im sooo in love with it,hihi ;D
thanks for the order & hope to see u again dear :)


Zana Tap said...

Teach me to make APAM please. (:

Shakira Sahil said...

sureeee can2 :)