Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey to all you lovely peoples :D
I felt like it has been a while since I last posted.gosh my life is becoming busier than ever,
its going to be my last week in upm then I'll have 1 week break
for study week then comes the final exams!!!
Im sooo stress by all these things but for now Im ok,
I can still manage & balance everything out,alhamdulillah :)
So for today,I baked 3 sets of butter cupcakes for 3 different peoples.
The first set in white + pink colour is for mum's staff,its her birthday tomorrow :D
The second set is in sof yellow colour,its for my dear friend from asasi sains,farhah.
She has been a fan of my cuppies since way back then
when I first started,thanks a lot for all the support sweetie & I do
hope you'll love your cuppies,I made the icings just the way u like it :)
As for the third set in blue + white colour,its also
for mum's staff at work.Its her birthday :)
To all three persons,I wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY,may god bless u always,amin.

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