Sunday, April 24, 2011

ben 10

Greetings to all my readers :)
Today,i went & send this cake ordered by NIRMALA in bangsar.
She previously ordered cupcakes from me &
 this time she ordered a 2kg butter cake covered with choc ganache ;D
She wated the cake to be decorated with BEN 10 theme as its for her sons's birthday.
I had a blast making the cake as it took me half a day to get it 
done,its among the biggest cake i have ever done.the cake is 
12 inch diameter & the weight is actually more than 2kg.maybe around 2kg ++. 
thanks again Nirmala for ordering & i do hope u enjoy the cake ok :)
& to sweet dear fyka & syed,thanks a lot for taking me there.
u guys really2 made my day a happy one =)

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