Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pink & orange.

Olaaaaaaa peoples!:)
Today i woke up super early coz there's a lot of things to be done +
my exam starts tomorrow soo i need to study!!!
The first thing i did was baking,i bake 15 butter cupcakes ordered
by sweet Lyana Haniff.She wanted to give the cupcakes to
kids so i decorated them as fun & colourful as i can :D
I do hope the kids & lyana herself would love them,hihi =)
Then,i made 50 colourful mini polka apam's for Jezmine.
She wanted the apams to be plain & no filling inside.
Personally I also preffer to eat them plain just like that
cz its apam,the fluffyness is what i love the most about it,
& of course the colourful colours used is just soo attractive,hihi :)
Thanks a lot lyana & jezmine for the order.

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