Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free give away from me :)

Greetings everyone :)
Today I'll be joining this bazaar called,"I LOVE BAZAAR" held
in subang parade from 11am till 9pm.
Its just a fun thing me & my bestie,fyka wanted to join,
we're not aiming for any profits its all done just for fun ;D
We wanted to try out new things,eg like joining this
kind of bazaar,hopefully everything will turn out great :)
To everybody out there,feel free to drop by
SUBANG PARADE,11AM-9PM our booth is num 40,
its located nearby the fitness first area.
Im giving away all these homemade chocs + choc almond cookies + lollichoc marshmellows 
which I just made last night :D
So come & drop by ok!
See u there ;)

1 comment:

Nana said...

shakiraaaaaaaaaaa. i pegi parade siang tadi. from 11-2. dah shopping sakan dah. especially dkt area gym tu kot. tak nampak pun u? >.<