Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday :)

This post is specially dedicated to dearest jezmine,the super awesome fabulous designer
that I have ever meet.
Dear,knowing you is among the greatest thing that has ever
happen to me,u inspired me a lot + ur such a
wonderful & caring friend,thanks :D
Her birthday is today!!!
Happy birthday sweetheart ;D
so yesterday I decided to bake her some of my cupcakes as my way of
saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her.Had to sent them to her
yesterday which was one day earlier because today Im back in upm ;/
I baked 15 of my choc cuppies,they're covered with choc ganache &
first time ever,I try to decorate my cuppies with strawberries ;D
Saw few images of choc cuppies with strawberry so I decided to try it out
& it turns out great,wohooo ;D
I do hope you'll love them Jezmine!
Have a great birthday & may God bless you always ;)
I will always pray for ur success & happiness :D

The sweet adorable JEZMINE,
happy birthday dear :)

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