Sunday, February 6, 2011

happy birthday.

Happy sweet sunday peoples :D
haha,I seriously hate that its sunday already :(
have to pack stuffs to go back to upm which I dont feel like going back to!aiooo ;/
Just ignore those silly words of me,standard laa kan hidup jadi student mcm ni.haha ;D
Anyway,I made 15 of choc cuppies covered with choc ganache.
The cuppies were ordered by the same person who had ordered with me before.
soooo happy when I got the order from her :)
She wanted to give them to her bf sooo I was told to decorate
the cupcakes as cute & romantic as I can.
I tried my best & the results are shown below.
Dear I hope u'll love them & thanks tau order lagi dr i!

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