Monday, February 21, 2011

black + purple.

Hello to all my lovely blog readers,currently im in my 7th week in upm
& it has beeen super2 hectic + busy for me these past few weeks.sometimes
juggling all the works,classes & etc can be quite hard but
Im taking it as something new to be learn in life :)
Last week,my bestie from ukm,Ella ordered 15 of choc cuppies
covered with buttercream oreo icing for her beloved bf's birthday.
I did my very best in decorating & again Ella I wanna say im truely sorry
that we cant go with our original      
plan,it was quite frustrating but thank god Ella was very2 nice to me
& she's ok with it.thanks again babe :)
The second cuppies were ordered by a friend of dear kak Ayu.
She wanted 15 of choc cuppies in black + purple colour design :D
I had a blast decorating the cupcakes,idk why but I just love it :)
To both ELLA & kak Ayu thanks alot ok ;D

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