Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello dear lovely readers ;D
Last night I came back from upm as usual,the first thing i
did when i came back home was baking!
Got 3 diffrnt orders from sungai buloh & will be sending them today :)
The cute 3 girls are from the same place,so I'll be delivering 3 orders at once.
The first girl,Dayang wanted a CHELSEA themed cuppies
for her bf.I used some of CHELSEA's edible images & deco the the cuppies
with some grass & choc balls ;D
The second girl,Nadiah wanted a purple + white coloured cuppies also for
her bf.I made it simple but sweet ;D
& for the third order,Khadijah wants a black + red themed cuppies.
For all three orders I try my very best to deco them & I really2 hope
that the 3 girls will love each their cupcakes ;D
Thanks a lot for ordering babes :)


Nur Helnah Momoy said...

cedappppp la kek y kak buat..thx....

Shakira Sahil said...

thanks dear :)

m!sz Drama said...

heee...thanx kira =),kemarin da bgi chelsea tu, my bf love it so much.... next tym nak order cni ag keyh..thanx so much... ^^

Shakira Sahil said...

wlcome,glad he liked them :)