Sunday, May 22, 2011

happy birthday :)

Haaaaaaaaaapy sunday peeps! :D
ok,today i baked a special cake for my brother as its his birthday tomorrow.
we're gonna visit him latr this evening at his school.
I was inspired by the colourful looking rainbow cake i saw from several blogs,so i decided to try them out by just making 3 layers.the reason i only did 3 layers was that its my first try
so i dont really know how it will turn out & next its because that i
dont want to have a very high cake.its hard to transport it all the way to seremban,haha :D
Each layer of cake is covered with strawberry buttercream icing,
at first i didnt know what icing to put on but then out of random i decided :)
my purpose of baking this cake is totally just for fun & to make
something different for my brother :)
if this cake doesnt taste that good,i'll try & change the icing or maybe the cake recipe
because to me by practicing makes it perfect,right? :D
& beside the cake i baked some choc chip muffins,mum made him caramel cheesecake & grandma cooked rendang daging with pulut!soo many foods for just one person oh!;)
to my dear brother,happy birthday & may all your wishes come true!
study well for ur SPM this year & when ur back sila belanja along makan ok,

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