Saturday, May 7, 2011

one year :)

Olaaaaaaaaaaa to all you lovely peoples :D
Im such in a joyful mood as i just came back from my last exam 
paper for this semester.alhamdulillah everything went well,
hopefully the results are ok.amin :)
So starting from today till early september,I'll be having my 
sem break!its the longest break I had ever have,coool!:D
& here I would like to announced something regarding my business,CUPPYCAKES.
As we all know,I just started CUPPYCAKES last year.
it has been a totally amazing + unique experience baking 
all sorts of treats for all my dear customers.
Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,I would like to thank each 
& every of you.without all of your support & kindness,all of these 
would never happend.Again,thanks :)
Im proud to announce that my precious baby,
So as a token of my appreciation to all of you,im giving away all 
sorts of yummy treats for 10 lucky peoples.& to be those lucky 
ones,you just have to be a follower of CUPPYCAKES blog.
As simple as that!I'll be picking out 10 peoples at random on the 
15th may hurry up & be a follower of this blog :)
I'll contact the 10 lucky followers on the 16th via email.
seriously,I cant wait to bake for all you 10 lucky peoples!
One thing that i can promise,im going to make them super special for u guys ;D


Anonymous said...

I dah follow dah. (:

budak katak said...

wah~~seronok if the 10 lucky followers stay jaoh dari tempat u mcm mne u nk bagi kek tu :( *dgn harapan saya pon nk jgk kek tuuu.teehee =D