Friday, March 9, 2012

candy buffet

Helloooooo everybody :D
Its been a super duper hectic week for me,sorry that i was not able to
update here as frequent as i want too.
oh well,enough of that.lets talk about my latest project,CANDY BUFFET.
Candy buffet recently have become the IT THING associated with weddings,
engagements & birthday parties:)
People just love to have a big table filled with colourful deco's with all kinds of sweets & pastries on it.
so from there i decided to start one of my own.its pretty simple &
not that nice but i think for a first try its ok:)
My first debut of the buffet was done at a wedding in shah alam,
thanks to my mum whom suggested it.
Here i would like to inform that CUPPYCAKES BY SHAKIRA SAHIL
DO take orders related to candy buffet.we can customize the buffet
according to your budget & how you want it to be :D
so feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the candy buffet.
here i posted some of the candy buffet pics that i use as reference in producing
 my own candy buffet,hope u enjoy the pics :)

mini cuppies with heart marshmellows

for my candy buffet!

full view of the ccandy buffet :)

mini polka apams!


Miss Kira said...

hey shakira,

i've been looking around your blog and your cupcake (especially) looks really tempting.. ;)

I've been looking for a sponsor to one of my university event, "bunkasai event". it is mainly about japanese culture..

and I do hope to get sponsor from you..

Further info, you can email me:

thankz for reading this comment.. ;)

Kaieza Damien said...

Hi there! great stuff, Thanks for sharing a very interesting and informative content, it helps me a lot, keep it up!
When it comes to candy buffets for weddings, those are the easy questions. The tough part is deciding what candies you'll want to include in your candy buffet bar. Will you select a color scheme? Or maybe an 80's theme? Will you go for old-fashioned candies or just put together a table of all your favorites?

candy buffets ma

Anonymous said...

gambar macam ambil kat internet ja . ramai je yang guna gambar yang sama macam ni untuk promote bisness sendiri :)