Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello to all my lovely blog readers :)
First of all I would like to thanked everyone who followed my blog,
seriously I rasa terharu gila when I see my numbers of followers increase
day by day,it may not be a big thing to some people but to me its soo meaningful.
I feel soo apreciated & I know that out there
there are people who knows about my passion on baking :D
Enough of all this merapu2 stuffs,here are some pics of cupcakes which a
good friend of mine from asasi uitm,DANIELLA ordered :)
At first she ordered 50 cuppies,the 2nd week she ordered 100 cuppies &
in the same week also she added another 100 cuppies order.
I was sooooo thrilled by the orders,best dapat bake cuppies banyak2!
she ordered mix of choc,butter & strawberry flavoured cupcakes,there were all decorated with  RAINBOW,COLOURFUL & BRIGHT theme deco's.
alhamdulillah the response that i got from her regarding the cupcakes are totally great :D
Thanks soooo much ELLA for ordering that much &
making me very2 familiar with UKM as i had been there
3 times already due to delivering the cuppies to u,hihi ;D
Again,thanks :)

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