Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still new.

Hello & greetings to all you sweethearts!
First of all I would like to wish Happy Thaipussam to all Malaysian's :)
Its a public holiday today so I got no class,wohoo :D
Im back home since last night & early morning just now I baked 15 of my
classic chocolate cupcakes for a sweet dear friend of mine,lyna.
She wanted to give the cuppies to her friend for his birthday :)
Its my first time decorating the cuppies with guy-ish stuffs.
I am really an amatur at drawings all these stuffs so
forgive me if it doesnt look that nice,still learning :D
I did my very best & the results are shown below.
Do tell me what u guys think of it yeah :)
When I gave it to lyna just now,Im so relieved that she loved the cuppies!
takut jugak if dia x suka,hihi :D
Anyway,thanks a lot for ordering dear & I hope ur friend likes them,hehe ;D

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