Tuesday, September 14, 2010

choc almond cookies.

Hey everyone,& again selamat hari raya to all.
gosh it has been a great raya for me,the foods are all
amazing & simply delicious :D
I just got back from johor last night & will be home 
untill this sunday,then im off to upm back.
Its going to be quite a packed week for me because 
I have few orders to be done & Im having a raya open house this friday.
Feel free to drop by my house everyone :)
All these means more baking & cooking for me,haha ;D
& below are images of choc almond cookies 
with "happy birthday' writing ordered by a customer in shah alam.
Will be sending them to her tomorrow morning & hopes she'll love them :)
& thanks so much for ordering dear.

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