Thursday, December 23, 2010

homemade chocolates.

Good morning to all you lovely peoples :)
Recently I learned on how to make you're own chocolates &
since then Im totally hooked up with all these chocolate making things,
super interesting & definitely a MUST skill to have if you love to eat chocs,haha ;D
Will be selling chocs after this so to anyone who's interested do contact me :)
Besides that,I have plan to make my own kind of chocs,
it'll be something different from all the other chocs &
definitely has the 'ME' essence in it,kidding.haha ;p
This will be introduced to all of you insyaallah next year or
whenever Im not too busy with class & etc.
Here,I'll list out briefly my choc pricing.
& not to forget,I also do chocs gift pack for weddings/engagements or etc(you can email me the designs/samples pics & i'll try my very best to make it come true,hihi )
super in love with chocs :)

I have wide range of choc moulds,frm <3 shape to flowers,shells & etc :)

A box of 35 is RM40
STRAWBERRY CHOC box is RM43,for choc+strawberry lovers this is A MUST TRY :D

Examples of how I can package you're customized chocs,contact me for further info's :)

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