Tuesday, December 21, 2010

chocolate making class.

Hello everybody :)
Im soooo happy today that i've learn a new skill &
its also actually an extension of my cupcakes business,hihi ;p
So today i attended a choc making class in bangi,yes2 i know u'll be wondering why the heck did I drive all the way to bangi from subang just for the class.
Let me tell you,the class is a one-to-one class
(very2 personal,so for those of you having problems/a bit slow in
learning new things it a VERY2 good class for u guys).
Besides that,the teacher which is Kak Sheema is very2
sweet(as her homade chocs),nice,not the GARANG type of teacher at all & 
very2 understanding + super cool  :)
I had fun talking & asking her stuffs bout chocs from A-Z,super interesting!
I was also given lunch,which was very delicious! :D
It took me 4 hours to learn everything that I need to know &
according to Kak Sheema im a fast learner coz i finished up everything quicker than her previous students,haha!(super proud of myself,hihi ;p)
It was an awesome day & thanks a lot to Kak Sheema for all the teaching.
I've learnt a lot bout chocs after the class &
WILL BE SELLING CHOCS after this(sooooooooooo excited bout this!!!)
Will be posting on the prices & etc later :)

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