Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cream puffs

Assalamualaikum dear lovely readers :)
I have been a way for a while due to personal matters,
but no worries CUPPYCAKES is back!yipeee :D
So here's an update of my recent bakings,Im a bit busy preparing 
for CUPPYCAKES RAYA TREATS which will be posted in my 
upcoming entry,please be patient & do support our raya treats as we 
personally customized each cookies specially for you to enjoy for HARI RAYA :D
Enough about that,now lets move to these new scrumptious 
dessert that is now available at CUPPYCAKES :)
Freshly baked with my own recipe,Cream Puffs are now OPEN FOR ORDERS! :)
You can choose either vanilla custard or choc flavour as the fillings.
Aside from those two,I can also customize the fillings according to what you desire.
These babies comes in two sizes that is standard(a box of 20) & mini's( a box of 50)
Please refer to the pricing section for more informations on price. 
That's all for now,see you guys in my next entry!
have a great day & thanks for visiting my blog :)

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