Saturday, August 28, 2010

fashion faddism contest.

greetings everyone :)
i jsut finished making a box of chocolate almond cookies.yipee :D
Im one of the sponsors for the Fashion Faddism contest by Shea Rasol.
Personally i think its a very great contest to be done because everyone no matter where your from,whats your size or colour can show that each of them is beautiful in their own style :)
I would like to wish the person who'll receive my cookies
congratulation in advance.
Enjoy the cookies & i hope u'll like them ;)

Here's a lil update to the entry,its the pic of me(mine is the one below the cats pic)
with the very fashionable Shea Rasol who organized the Fashion Faddism Contest.
Dear,it was a pleasure meeting u & hopefully i get to see u again soon :)

image taken from Shea's blog,

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