Sunday, June 20, 2010

cupcakes for charity.

hey everyone.i just got back from amcorp mall,pj.
This weekend,AMCORP MALL is celebrating father's day :)
There's lots of activities-kareoke,performance by DAFI & other artists,mini games &
the best part is everything that the event earns it goes to CHARITY.
I was asked to sponsor some cupcakes & cakes for the event held there.
Im just so happy to be giving away cupcakes for the event because
everything that i contribute goes to CHARITY :)

The very first time my name appears in public,thnks AMCORP MALL & JM ANGGUN ENTERTAINMENT.

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haan said...

Hi Shakira, I just come through your blog about charity contribution of cupcakes.

May I have your contact so that I could get in touch with u? Thanks. My blogger profile reveals my email and website URL. Thanks. Hope to hear from u soon.